Meet Tati

Tatiana is the owner and head fitness coach of Better Body With Tati, LLC. She holds her Bachelor’s of Science in Health & Human Performance alongside her ACE Personal Trainer Certification. She has various specialty certifications ranging from Nutrition to Women’s Fitness.

She has been in the health & fitness industry for 7 years and knows that a health and fitness journey goes beyond just food and exercise. She believes that our lives have so many important facets that work together!

She is passionate about equipping ALL women of ALL ages, of ALL fitness levels, of ALL backgrounds with the tools necessary for them to reach inside-out wellness; Meaning addressing emotional, spiritual AND physical health to reap the most results possible.

She strives to impact as many women as she can to believe in themselves so that they can become their best selves in all avenues of their lives. She offers 1:1 Online Coaching available all across the United States!